Sunday, March 28, 2010

When will they shoot?

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm fully convinced that the CIA killed Eazy-E. I thought that the day the Eazy died, and my opinion hasn't changed. Eazy died after ten days in the hospital. I'm of the opinion that that Eazy was murdered after being admitted to the hospital by CIA agents, but even if he had terminal AIDS before going into the hospital he was still killed by the CIA if you know what I mean....
Eazy died in 1995 on March 25th and I miss him.
I was a big fan.
I was also a big fan of the Ice Cube. The Predator came out in 1992 and in my opinion is Ice Cube's best album. The album is overshadowed by "It Was a Good Day" which is a great great song, but no one seems to remember the first song on the record.
The first song on the record is "When Will They Shoot?"
This song is so fucking dead on, I think it might be the only reason Ice Cube lived through the '90's If they woulda killed him after he said all this shit, shit woulda been on.
Way to go Ice, I'm stompin' walking in my big black boots too.



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