Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Arcade...

I always wanted to own and operate an arcade. I was going to write some long post about what games I wanted but I got distracted when I found out that Samurai Showdown V AND Samurai Showdown VI were released when I wasn't looking and they both still have completely hand drawn art and are still in 2D...YAY! I'm so glad they didn't go all 3D on us! These games being released is something I would have known about probably if there was actually an arcade in this town. Id' love to go drop 20$ on them right now :(
Anyways, my arcade would look something like this...

NO TICKET MACHINES. No stupid prizes, no whack a mole, no coin dropper garbage. None of that.

It would be VERY dark inside, it would have windows, but they would be so tinted that they might as well have black paint on them. Pretty much the only light would be from the glowing screens and marquees.

Every game would be checked daily to make sure it's working completely. Joysticks and buttons etc.

It would be very very loud. All games would have the attract sounds ON and set to full volume, so it's just completely maddening :)

ALL games would cost 25 cents. No more and no less. I haven't decided on whether or not I want tokens.

Kids showing up and hanging out all day during times when they should obviously be at school will never get narc'd on or turned away :)

The games would never be shut off, so that high scores would stay up as long as possible.
I'd like it to stay open really late, maybe till 3 in the morning.

It would have a ridiculous amount of fighting games and we would have weekly contests for cash prizes.
( a different game each week)
All them fighting games would be cranked up to the highest difficulty level :)

Lots of classic games, a few pinball games and no gun games.

I think I could build an arcade that would be really popular, someone should give me a bunch of money to do it.

Anyways... I need  to go find an arcade in the bay area or something that has SS V or VI. So I'm outta here!
(edit) I'm pretty sure part VI hasn't been released in the USA.

Samurai Showdown V

Samurai Showdown VI

Edit: I just found a pretty neat Samurai Showdown forum that has some cool stuff, including how to play emulated SS online against other ppl! I might work on that soon! Ippon! Sobu! Victoly!


  1. I like the idea and I think it's a great dream. Unfortunately to run an arcade that way would cost you a fortune. I recently interviewed a local arcade owner and he told me something like 80% of his income/profits come from ticket machines. He makes a little off the rhythm machines (DDR, Guitar Hero, etc.), especially when he holds tournaments. The classic machines don't even make enough money to pay for their own repairs. He says he keeps them around so that the parents will have something to play.

    Also, keeping the games on 24/7 doubles your electric bill, which is one of your primary costs. I got a Kill-A-Watt for Christmas (a thing that measures how much electricity a device uses). I should find out exactly what it costs to run a machine 24/7 for a day.

    I love the idea of testing every button and joystick each day. The same arcade I mentioned earlier has a standing offer to let people come play the games for free if they'll do just that. It's time consuming obviously, but definiately something your customers would/will appreciate!

  2. a-ha! the kill-a-watt said that running a game is only 18 cents a day!
    So one game a day would be profits lol.

  3. I hella want that centipede. Love the side art.

  4. I've re-thought the thing about putting the fighting games on the hardest level, alot of them are just annoying at the hard levels.

  5. Ahh....years later and my arcade would look a lot different than this lol. WAY more pins, candy cabs and bemani :)