Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Champion of Justice!

I used to have a mini obsession with a show called Moonlight Densetsu or Sailor Moon.
When I first saw it, it was like the third episode into its first run on US television.
I remember getting up at 5:30 am every morning to watch this ridiculous show, but as the (2) seasons they showed went on and on I liked it more and more. It really is funny and really twisted.

So I never got to see the final season, but I found a site that has all of them that you can stream. I watched the final episode...and wtf.....that made no damn sense at all.
So I've been trying to watch one episode a day until I see all two hundred of them.
I'm up to like episode 6 I think. I forgot how damn funny it is.

Seriously, the first season has a lot of funny moments that I'm only just now remembering...
Like in episode two "Talk Radio"

"Good evening all you night owls, it's the midnight hour and you know what that means...time for the Love Line" - Jedite
I didn't realize that Jedite was a trained talk radio host. It shows him behind the mic with his goofy uniform on and he's giving away The Romantic Prize.

fig 1. Jedite                                                                        
fig 2. The Romantic Prize
Here's the site to watch the episodes.
(As with everything associated with Sailormoon on the internet, there seems to be something shady going on with this site, so just be warned.)
Most of the episodes are just embedded videos from anyways, so you'd probably be better off going there.

Here's the final episode if you want a spoiler.

View More Free Videos Online at

Also....I was able to pick up Samurai Showdown V on MAME and it's pretty interesting. I don't have my controller here so I can't really play it properly though. All the characters from SS IV are back plus some new ones. Here's some screenshots I took.


  1. I need to pick up SS5 for my MVS cabinet. Actually, the last time I checked those bootleg 100-in-1 MVS carts are down around $100 now so I may just pick one of those up ... I could sell 3 or 4 of my MVS carts to cover the price.

  2. dude i saw your arcade in a dream, it was BADASS! you had a room specifically for classic arcade games, you had TRON and Ms. Pacman, it was so f'n cool! when i buy the Winchester Mystery House you can have the arcade room and do what you want with it!

  3. THE ROMANTIC PRIZE! i forgot all about that! lol, dude, i called in and im STILL waiting for my goddamn romantic prize! its been 14 years already!!!! my heart is a kaleidoscope!

  4. Lol Speck, my arcade totally has Tron and Ms. should see the list of games I wrote that I wanted it to have, I don't know if I saved it. I knew you'd forgotten about the romantic prize, that's why I was hella lol'sing when I saw that episode.

    Robbo. Don't sell your MVS carts!!!!