Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Champion of Justice!

I used to have a mini obsession with a show called Moonlight Densetsu or Sailor Moon.
When I first saw it, it was like the third episode into its first run on US television.
I remember getting up at 5:30 am every morning to watch this ridiculous show, but as the (2) seasons they showed went on and on I liked it more and more. It really is funny and really twisted.

So I never got to see the final season, but I found a site that has all of them that you can stream. I watched the final episode...and wtf.....that made no damn sense at all.
So I've been trying to watch one episode a day until I see all two hundred of them.
I'm up to like episode 6 I think. I forgot how damn funny it is.

Seriously, the first season has a lot of funny moments that I'm only just now remembering...
Like in episode two "Talk Radio"

"Good evening all you night owls, it's the midnight hour and you know what that means...time for the Love Line" - Jedite
I didn't realize that Jedite was a trained talk radio host. It shows him behind the mic with his goofy uniform on and he's giving away The Romantic Prize.

fig 1. Jedite                                                                        
fig 2. The Romantic Prize
Here's the site to watch the episodes.
(As with everything associated with Sailormoon on the internet, there seems to be something shady going on with this site, so just be warned.)
Most of the episodes are just embedded videos from anyways, so you'd probably be better off going there.

Here's the final episode if you want a spoiler.

View More Free Videos Online at

Also....I was able to pick up Samurai Showdown V on MAME and it's pretty interesting. I don't have my controller here so I can't really play it properly though. All the characters from SS IV are back plus some new ones. Here's some screenshots I took.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Arcade...

I always wanted to own and operate an arcade. I was going to write some long post about what games I wanted but I got distracted when I found out that Samurai Showdown V AND Samurai Showdown VI were released when I wasn't looking and they both still have completely hand drawn art and are still in 2D...YAY! I'm so glad they didn't go all 3D on us! These games being released is something I would have known about probably if there was actually an arcade in this town. Id' love to go drop 20$ on them right now :(
Anyways, my arcade would look something like this...

NO TICKET MACHINES. No stupid prizes, no whack a mole, no coin dropper garbage. None of that.

It would be VERY dark inside, it would have windows, but they would be so tinted that they might as well have black paint on them. Pretty much the only light would be from the glowing screens and marquees.

Every game would be checked daily to make sure it's working completely. Joysticks and buttons etc.

It would be very very loud. All games would have the attract sounds ON and set to full volume, so it's just completely maddening :)

ALL games would cost 25 cents. No more and no less. I haven't decided on whether or not I want tokens.

Kids showing up and hanging out all day during times when they should obviously be at school will never get narc'd on or turned away :)

The games would never be shut off, so that high scores would stay up as long as possible.
I'd like it to stay open really late, maybe till 3 in the morning.

It would have a ridiculous amount of fighting games and we would have weekly contests for cash prizes.
( a different game each week)
All them fighting games would be cranked up to the highest difficulty level :)

Lots of classic games, a few pinball games and no gun games.

I think I could build an arcade that would be really popular, someone should give me a bunch of money to do it.

Anyways... I need  to go find an arcade in the bay area or something that has SS V or VI. So I'm outta here!
(edit) I'm pretty sure part VI hasn't been released in the USA.

Samurai Showdown V

Samurai Showdown VI

Edit: I just found a pretty neat Samurai Showdown forum that has some cool stuff, including how to play emulated SS online against other ppl! I might work on that soon! Ippon! Sobu! Victoly!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Welcome to the 90's

I grew up in a small-ish town in California. My teenage years were spent in the 1990's.
I'm kinda longing for the return of those times, we didn't really have any internet, just bbs's, and I didn't use those too much. I mainly used my Commodore 64 to play SSI AD&D games, but more on that later. What I remember most about the 1990's in California was great music, and skateboarding..
I'm going to write about skateboarding later, this post is about the music of the 90's that helped shape my music tastes.. I've been trying to listen to alot of the stuff I used to listen to back then lately for some reason,
 so here's my top 10 listened to records of the 90's (in no order). And yes these are Amazon affiliate links, for everyone that doesn't know how to use Soulseek.

1.Danzig II - Lucifuge (1990)
This was the first time I ever heard Danzig, even before I had heard the Misfits. I remember reading the credits for Metallica - Garage Days (Green Hell ) and I found this cassette tape on a late night walk to the wherehouse with enough money to buy one tape.When I took it home from that long walk, no one was home so I listened to it in the living room at full, it was pretty scary sounding, I loved it.
Listening to it now, I really noticed that it's a very goth sounding album, alot different than the first record. Her Blacks Wings has a super goth sound...woahhh under her black wings....really melancholy for a "metal band".
Snakes of Christ was a song I didn't want my parents to hear...
777 I still have no idea what he's talking about in this song lol.
Devil's plaything....I mean c'mon, that's one of the best Danzig songs ever. Timeless.
Good record. At one point I had an awesome 10' by 5' Danzig poster of Glenn on a cross with a goats head, when I moved out it mysteriously disappeared, I think my parents thought it was the source of my troubles and burned it or something

2. Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction (1987)
...and I can tell you honey you can make my money tonight!
Ok So this came out in 1987, I don't know what year I first knew about it, but I know that the first time I ever heard of Guns N' Roses was seeing a video for Welcome to the Jungle on MTV. I must have been a little younger, because I remember pleading with my stepfather to get me the album, I even made him watch the Welcome to the Jungle video...I remember him just laughing and saying I don't think your mother would approve. Obviously with over 33 million copies sold, I was right and they were wrong.
Still one of my favorite records and they really were sleazy.....
Luckily I had older friends who lived down the street and acquired a dubbed cassette.
It actually seems fitting that I had to learn about GNR on the streets.
I still want to buy a copy of this record for my stepdad to show him what he wouldn't buy for me...I can't believe someone could go through their whole life without hearing Appetite for Destruction.

 Suicidal Tendencies - Lights, Camera, Revolution (1990)
Lights Camera Revolution was the first Suicidal Tendencies album I ever got. They are still one of my favorite bands. The first time I heard ST was on a channel called the The Jukebox Network.
They always played alot of Two Live Crew and Slayer.
So I was at this girls house on Halloween and the video for You Can't bring me Down was on..everyone was laughing at it, I was the only one sitting there staring with my jaw open and ears a'blazing...I went and bought the tape the next day. God that's a hard album. Been listening to it alot lately.

Slayer - Reign in Blood (1986)
Auschwitz! The meaning of pain! The way that I want you to die!
and then there was Slayer......I didn't get into them until a little later. Reign in Blood was the first tape I ever had that I felt that I ABSOLUTELY had to make sure my parents never found. I knew if they ever heard Altar of Sacrifice I would be in for some heavy psychotherapy, as back in them days anyone who listened to heavy metal AND played Dungeons and Dragons was obviously a satan worshiper who was just itching to kill someone (especially their parents) because the music told them to. I didn't know what a magical thing I had in my possession until many years later, at the time it was just great metal....who woulda thought that Slayer would still be making great records 25 years later that still sound just as good.
I must have listened to this record 10 times a day in the 90's. I still listen to it about once every two weeks or so. This was also a tape I got from my older friends down the street :) Necrophobic!Can't control the paranoia! Scared to die!

Skid Row - Skid Row (1989)
I was really into Skid Row when they came out, we all were. I didn't know quite what they were talking about on this record until a few years later, but man I loved their first record! I still do. To me it's kinda the pinnacle of hair/sleaze metal. When I was a kid I bought a pin-up magazine with nothing but Skid Row pictures in it and I had them all over my wall. I wish I still had even one of those pictures, I'd still throw one up in the band room. I still rock this album regularly, much to the annoyance of everyone around. It reminds me of really slutty metal chicks from back in the day...ahhh good times! 18 and life holmes. By this point I had given up on asking my parents to buy me music and just relied on my buddies. If I couldn't get appetite for destruction, there was no way i was going to get skid row's first comes the generation gap.

Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (1988)
This is the one band that I listened to religiously since I found them and still do that I could not understand for the life of me that my parents were not completely blown away by like I was...I  made my stepdad listen to this album with me...he said it was good, but to me, Iron Maiden were the holy messengers of God. Seventh Son was the first tape I had from them. Seriously Iron Maiden was and is my favorite band of all time. I must have listened to seventh son 10,000 times in the 1990's. That band was the soundtrack for my teenage it.
I finally got to see them in 2009, I almost broke down. Up the Irons.
I also remember listening to Fear of the Dark on a camping trip with just my mom...I always think of that trip when i hear that record now.
I think Iron Maiden is nerd heavy metal, I learned all of my history lessons from Steve Harris's lyrics. This  band was the neighborhood favorite. Pretty much everyone I knew listened to Iron Maiden.
You're souls gonna burn! In a lake of fi-ire!

Megadeth - Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? (1986)
Wow did this record really come out in 1986?
This band was another most played band on my street.
There's not a whole lot to say about this record except its the first Megadeth record I ever had, and I was pretty influenced by it. The first heavy metal shirt I ever got was the peace sells shirt with Vic Rattlehead crushing the dove and jets shooting him....
Such a great record, Marty Friedman is a ridiculously good guitar player, I'd sell my soul to be able to play like that! We used to listen to alot of Megadeth.
I met Dave Mustaine not too long ago, I told him I grew up listening to Megadeth and he just chuckled.
Don't summon the devil! Don't call in the priests!

Metallica - ...And Justice for All (1988)
To me this was the last good Metallica album. Also the first Metallica record I had, thanks again to MTV and the video for "one", which seemed to be on every single day multiple times. This to me is still a blistering metal album and I still rock it pretty regularly. Metallica was KING when this came out....untouchable. Oh how the mighty have fallen... I mean EVERYONE loved Metallica.
I remember coming home form school everyday and playing Legacy of the Ancients on my C64 listening to Ride the Lightning over and over. I really miss the real Metallica, before they changed their logo and removed the sharp metal edges. Load was a load of crap, their newest album is not bad, but they kinda lost it I think.
I can't believe... I can't believe....the price! You paid.

Faith No More - Angel Dust (1992)

I was already into Faith No More's album: the Real Thing by the time Angel Dust came out in 1992, but this was the record that got the most plays from me. It had a big hit with Midlife Crisis, but my favorite songs were Cafefine, Smaller and Smaller, Everything's Ruined, and Kindergarten. I didn't realize until MUCH later what a fucked up record this is. It's actually really depressing. I don't know how I  missed that when I was younger. Great basslines though :)
Now everything's ruined.....

 Ozzy Osbourne - The Ultimate Sin (1986)
We used to listen to a lot of Ozzy in the early 1990's but the Ultimate Sin sticks out most for me for some reason. Everyone I talk to thinks that this is Ozzy's cheesiest album album and they are probably right...but I have lots of memories listening to this while I was lost in outer space. I don't know, I really like this record, it reminds me of heavy metal sluts also. I really like this one for some reason.

That's all for now.